About Me

Hello! My name is AshleyRae and I'm so glad you've visited me here at Cygnus Studios!

I am a life-long arts & crafting junkie. Inspired by all mediums of fine art, literature, and antiques, my services come from equal parts heart and imagination. I believe every occasion could be made all the more special with a little extra sparkle and creativity.

As an Interior Designer for the last 12+ years, I've learned that adding a personal touch to a client's project can add that distinguishing magic for a lasting impression. A handwritten thank you tag, a gorgeous piece of mail, hand addressed to the receiver... I believe that these things bring joy and make any day even better.

My design philosophy is simple: to treat you as the unique spirit you are. You are the ONLY you in the world. I appreciate your vision and would love to help it shine in creating your memorable moments.