Adding a Personal Touch For a Lasting Impression

Our Services Include


Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Special Events & Holidays

- Invitation Calligraphy (starting at $3.75/address)
- Wedding Vows (starting at $100/ea)
- Painted Bridal Jackets (starting at $150/ea)

- Painted Wedding Shoes (starting at $75/pair)

- Agate Placecards (starting at $5/ea)
- Mirror Seating Charts (starting at $1.50/name)

- Acrylic Signage (starting at $50)
- Gift Tags (starting at $5/ea)

- Custom Ornaments (starting at $25 for glass, acrylic, ink on wood, $30 for burned wood lettering or hand engraving)

- Custom Canvas Bags (starting at $15/ea)

- Custom Crest Designs (starting at $100)

- Aisle Runners (starting at $350)

- Wine Bottle Etching (starting at $10/bottle)

- Custom Wood Burnings (starting at $50)

- Altar Backdrops (starting at $250)

- Family Trees (starting at $100)

- Custom Notebooks/Journals (starting at $15/ea)
- Baby Birth Stats (starting at $75)

- Painted Coat Hangers (starting at $15/ea)

- Decor Consultant (consultation fee $100)
- Thank you bags (starting at $5/ea)
- Book Excerpts (starting at $100/ea)

- Quotes, Song Lyrics, Bible Verses (starting at $35/ea for 8.5"x11" cardstock & starting at $50/ea for canvas sized 10"x12")

- Favors (I love writing on unique surfaces! i.e. maracas, lemons, crab shells, anything you can think of!)

Cygnus Studio is proud to be a client-oriented design studio. Everything designed by me is custom and special for each client or event.