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Nothing screams “I am loved” like receiving something crafted by human hands.  Cygnus Studio is pleased to offer calligraphy and hand-lettering services for life’s special moments.  We revel in the opportunity to create gifts that are cherished by you and your loved ones. 

Through years of expertise, refined techniques, and LOTS of trial and error, Cygnus Studio not only offers traditional calligraphy services—we are also known to customize non-traditional elements too.  
From clothing to crab shells, our calligraphy runs the gamut of the craziest, coolest, and quirkiest items to scribe! If you can think of it, we can (and will) write on it!

For a listing of starting prices for our most highly requested items, please click the link below.

calligraphy services

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If you desire an elevated experience, we are available to work on-site to personalize gifts in real time!  This is a fully custom experience designed to allow guests to receive the gift of your selection with the wording of their choice!

This service works best with our traditional calligraphy method; however, engraving, and other luxury methods are available for a service charge.

frequently asked questIONS

It’s great to reach out and book with me 4-6 months in advance, or when you engage your stationer for invitations. However, I know that sometimes life comes at you fast and you find yourself a few weeks out from the wedding and needing items. I can usually offer rush services, for a fee, if my schedule allows.

My home studio is in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

Nope nope nope! I do a lot of different events from corporate events, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties… pretty much if it's going to be a fun time, I’m there for you!

Heck yes!! The weirder the surface the better! Lol. I’ve written on lemons, crab shells, maracas, seashells, rocks, leather, glass, ribbons… endless opportunities to create something amazing!

Typically, envelope addressing requires 2-3 weeks, place cards & small signage requires 1-2 weeks and seating charts require 10-14 days minimum. More time might be required based on quantity and how detailed your order is.

Short answer is yes! Depending on my schedule and what you need it shouldn’t be a problem, but there is a rush fee which we can talk more about later.

Why yes! Yes I do! A fabulous collaboration with Fingers In Ink (link) - I offer classes through what we call InkyStudio :) Cute right? Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of new class dates and locations! If you want to book me for a private class with a group or one-on-one fill out the contact form and we’ll get the process rolling!

Sure do!! I am available to do on-site calligraphy, hand-lettering AND engraving! Fill out the contact form, tell me about your event (date, number of attendees anticipated and what you would like me to personalize). I’ll send you a quote and get your event on my calendar.


ready to get started?

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