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commercial / residential / retail

We are Interior Designers…essentially architects for the inside of buildings.  

“Think Chip and Joanna Gaines, less Martha Stewart.”  
AshleyRae Swann

Not knocking Ms. Martha, HOWEVER there is a HUGE misconception that Decorators are Interior Designers.  
But these are not the facts of life!

At Cygnus Studio, we design interior spaces that embody the spirit of the people who inhabit them.  

We employ methods that get to the heart of who you are so that your values are the guide from which we craft your design.  The space where you work, where you play, or where you rest all serve a purpose in bringing joy and divine action to your life.  

Spaces that have the most impact on you will always be functional, versatile, and pleasing to your aesthetic tastes.  We work with you to co-create interiors that maximize all your potential needs within your space  while preemptively correcting any functional issues or ADA compliance requirements.

Whether it’s designing your office to maximize efficiency and encourage collaboration, curating your personal self-care oasis, or ensuring your parents can age gracefully in their dream home, Cygnus Studio takes a “solutions first” approach to design.

For pricing information for residential interiors, please click the button below. For commercial projects, please contact us.

Interior Design services

let’s take it step by step

(Our 7 Steps of Design)

To keep it short, and sweet, here’s a glimpse into our Interior Design process:


This is where the magic and fun begins. We discuss your style, vibe, likes and dislikes. Have a Pinterest board? Great! I will put together a package of inspiration images based on our discussion and then we’ll review it together. We’ll talk about what you’re drawn to, what you like but don’t know why and almost just as important: what offends your soul and you never want to see again. 

Problem Solving


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Space  Planning & Design

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This is the stage of Tetris where we become artists and get “sketchy”—meaning we draw rough drafts of your floorplans and elevations!  Whether a new build or a remodel, this is where we layout the project’s wants and needs working with any existing conditions and your desires for the space.

This is where we put that thang down, flip it and reverse it!  The problem-solving stage is where we troubleshoot for any and everything.  From these sessions, we are able to present several different floor plans and elevations to ensure whatever you select will best enhance the life of the space.


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Material Selection & Design Docomentation

Furniture & Accessories

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This is where your space starts to look real again.  The selection and design phase is where we build the “soul” of a space.  Together we create your “look” beginning with color palettes, flooring, fixtures, and finishes that match the look & feel of your project. 

THIS is the phase where our inner Martha emerges!  This stage is where we dress your space in all the art, accessories, and furnishings that tie your character to your space!  


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Construction   & Installation

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Where dust starts to fly and all the things we selected previously start to find their homes within your space. 

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Pop Bottles and throw the Confetti

This is the easiest step of all, we get to celebrate our collaboration because you now have the space of your dreams!! And we love to gift our clients with a taste of our calligraphy and engraving services by creating a personalized gift at the end of our adventure together. (Think: Hand engraved wine or whiskey glasses)

frequently asked questIONs

Great question! Click Here for our residential pricing guide and Click Here for our commercial pricing guide. 

Absolutely! Sometimes all a space needs is a color refresh, we believe lighting and wall colors really make (or break) a space! Even though this sounds like a super quick and simple task, it's actually a bit more involved but don’t worry, we have your back! We’d prefer to meet in your space to see the lighting and get a feel for ourselves how the space will look, but are happy to meet virtually.

As much as I wish I could snap my fingers and get you a full design with renderings overnight and custom cabinetry in 3 days, that’s unfortunately not realistic. Great design takes time and is totally worth the wait, but I can promise you won’t be disappointed!

As much as I’d  love to hang out with you and totally would love this, the answer is no. For our residential projects most of the furniture selected would be done virtually. Commercial projects, I am happy to schedule showroom tours as required, but again virtual selection is the typical. 

Absolutely!! I like to call this Visioning! It's such a fun process and helps me get to know you AND you to find your style. It may be more than one, that’s okay. Together we will narrow it down.

Not at this time.

Great question! There’s quite a few so head over to my Services page and check out what we can do for you! If you don’t see something, please reach out - I’m always up for a new design challenge!


ready to get started?

From concept to construction our Licensed Interior Designers at Cygnus Studio are with you for every step of the journey. 

To place your request for interior design services, please complete the profile below.


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